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PGWARE PCBoost v4.8.2.2010
PGWARE PCBoost v4.8.2.2010

PGWare PCBoost -

is an application that allows you to optimize the performance of your computer and make it run faster! PCBoost is a program that allows you to run programs much faster.

PCBoost almost effortlessly easy to optimize programs and games that makes them work faster so there is no need to buy a new computer.

Many programs and games often use the minimum amount of CPU power which often leads to a simple processor. PCBoost uses this by allocating more CPU power for the currently active programs and games. All this is done automatically without you.

PCBoost an alternative to buying a new computer, does not harm your computer, while providing equivalent power, with a computer having a more powerful processor.

PCBoost simple and very easy to use. A few clicks of changing settings and the application is ready to work.

PCBoost starts automatically when Windows starts and manages the CPU / processor in accordance with user preferences.

Here are Some Key Features of "PCBoost": * Optimization of games, and applications by increasing priority to the active application.

* Automatically allocates CPU priority when you select a new application.

* Works in the background to optimize applications constantly, raises priority levels to reasonable limits,

maintain system stability.

* Visual representation in system tray which displays the priority for the active application.

* Built-in block list of applications that are not compatible, to prevent problems with the software.

* Lightweight and an intuitive user interface which performs CPU tuning in real time.