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Phoenix Internal Service Software v2010.08.004.41526
Phoenix Internal Service Software v2010.08.004.41526

Multipurpose virtual image to work with a tool to update the firmware, configuration, testing, and "recovery" phones Nokia.

Year: 2010

Language: Russian + English

Platform: Windows XP, Vista, 7

Tabletka: not required

Size: 732.89 Mb

* Flash Update Package 09.050.025;

* FLS-x Dongle Driver v 2.09.28.

Deleted: * RM-623

* Flash Update Package 09.050.025;

* Menu item WLAN Auto tune added for E72 product;

* New RF Losses.ini v 47 for auto tune;

* Product Code Change - window is now scalable, SW version information for variants can now be seen if window is made larger.

Corrected and amended: * Support for FPS-8 and FPS-11 Flash Prommers removed;

* Lighthouse Flasher Bluetooth - the menu is removed;

* Test Flash Memory removed;

* Changes to WLAN UI, to support new versions of components WLAN;

* Auto tuning components, updated to the new version;

* Label, printing changes, to improve the handling of senior package configuration data. If the product has an older configuration of the data packet, the user is advised to allow the choice of label printing UI;

* Improvements to Download Data. When the computer has an active Internet connection, product code, some SW files downloaded from the firmware storage. Please note that the path to upload files should also be formed to "Options / Location Product" - UI. If the path is not the same, SW downloaded files are not found;

* Registration error for manual tuning component level of authority TX corrected;

* Minor Menu Changes for RM-598 and RM-604.

What is included in the VMware image: 1. OS

OS Windows Xp Sp3 Game Edition

Zero, clean, specially lightweight, fully working version of Windows XP. Stable and works as a fast workstation. The installed version is less than 1 giga (including system files user), so it is perfect for working in a virtual environment, VMware.

2. Utilities to work with Nokia phones

J.A.F. Software 1.98.62 (addon 2.0 by JayDi)

MobiMB Media Browser 3.5.31

NaviFirm 0.1

Nokia Unlocker 1.0b

Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver 7.1.17 (NCCD)

MSXML 6 Parser