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Eyeon Fusion RenderSlave v6.1
Eyeon Fusion RenderSlave v6.1

eyeon Fusion, 6 - professional program for compositing, with extensive capabilities in the field of special effects and a combination of high-resolution images. Fusion Pack 6 is intended to work in those areas where they have the moving images (multimedia, broadcast video, film) ... RenderSlave will create a distributed network of computers with installed package eyeon Fusion for more power when working with video.

Broad support for video and HD standards, and regardless of the resolution make the Fusion a great tool refinement. Enhanced work with 3D text, drawing tools provide a solution to all the necessary tasks of video production for television. Furthermore, for example, an image viewer has built-in histogram, and color correction system - from selecting colors to reference plates to multi-point tracking and stabilization.

eyeon Fusion v6 is an important issue for the program kompozinga which added many new features and updates, including: multi-thread particle, updated tools Ranges Mask, Sticky Note, added new tools Underlay, Variblur (for per pixel sampling blyura), updated modes of filters to Transform , Merge and Letterbox, improved interface and stability.

As well as updates include support for plug-in OFX, a new tool Vector Motion Blur, improved importing of 3D scenes in formats FBX, 3DS, OBJ and COLLADA DAE; support for 3D LUT, faster GPU, improved metadata formats: DPX, Cineon and OpenEXR, support for Python scripting. To work with the Fusion 6, the graphics card with support for graphics standard OpenGL.

Brief overview of major changes in Eyeon Fusion 6.1: - Direct support for RenderMan renderer

- Support for Python 3.1 directly from the interface

- Support for Red Camera Mysterium X

- Language support OpenCL, thus ensuring the involvement of modern facilities NVidia and ATI graphics cards and, consequently, significantly boosting performance.

- New opportunities to work with particles, a new tool for adding Film Grain "noise" in images, a new tool for working with color tones Hue Curves, new tools for working with metadata, import FBX with support for multiple materials.


eyeon Fusion 6 - A Complete Compositing System for Film and Broadcast. Fusion 6 is resolution-independent and offers extensive support for film, HD, and video standards, making it suitable for a full range of finishing work. With extensive 3D text capabilities, coupled with a non-destructive paint system, Fusion 6 is also ideal for commercial and broadcast compositing. The image viewer has built-in histograms and superb colour correction tools, including colour matching from reference plates and multi-point tracking and stabilizing.

eyeon unveils the next generation of the GPU Supercomputing framework in Fusion 6.1. This is not just an acceleration technology; this is unprecedented productivity advancement. Exploiting the power of low cost GPU graphics cards with hundreds of cores, coupled with an expanded feature set, makes this release much more productive. The need for network rendering becomes greatly reduced, keeping the studios infrastructure manageable and cost effective.

3D scene importing via FBX has been greatly expanded, streamlining the process between 3D animation and rendering to directly have the same assets working in Fusion. Produce passes and layers on the fly directly on the GPU at breath-taking speed. Cutting reliance on other applications and departments simplifies the production process.

Fusion 6.1 accelerates from the starting line with astounding GPU optimizations, local file caches and particle solution caching. The creative horizon expands with new tools for managing grain, color correction and handling metadata. Scripters will rejoice at the inclusion of native python support, and everyone benefits from the many enhancements to particles.

Fusion 6.1 s extensive supercomputing approach utilizes the powerful, low-cost GPU to create assets and layers in real time. The extensive tool set that imports scenes from 3D animation packages allows for a much tighter integrated workflow between departments and applications. This open flexibility also increases industry support for technologies such as RenderMan and RED Camera MYSTERIUM X. Relighting and sophisticated finishing offer more control and transparent collaboration between the compositing artists. OpenCL supercomputing is a fresh and innovative use of todays massively parallel GPU. By speeding up computationally extensive operations such as Defocus, Fusion 6.1 allows the artist to instantly visualize sophisticated mathematical operations that compile code on-the-fly for use by the new generation graphics cards.

Year: 2010

Developer: Eyeon Software Inc

Platform: Windows All

Language: English only

Medician: Yes