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DG Foto Art v5.2.0812
DG Foto Art v5.2.0812

DG Foto Art v5.2.0812 (Sozdanie beautiful collages) | 2,32GB

DG Foto Art is a powerful tool to create interesting and beautiful collages, design of wedding books. Any photographer engaged registration of recorded material (for kindergartens, schools, weddings and just different events) will appreciate the wide range of possibilities for this program.

DG Foto Art is complete and standalone software. This program allows you to create unique album pages, without requiring any additional tools, plug-ins, and additional programs. From you only need your imagination and the desire to create beauty.

DG Foto Art is different intuitive interface and ease of action, which, combined with numerous templates, decors and tools to help in their professional activities to increase productivity and profit.

Dg Foto Art offers you a comprehensive selection of more than 1000 ready-to-use page templates of various sizes and suitable for all situations (weddings, celebrations, calendars, postcards, school, holiday, portrait, frame, background, clip), so you immediately start working , saving thus time and increasing your productivity. In addition, the program lets you create slide shows including automatically.

Templates can be configured in centimeters, inches or pixels. When creating a templates you can use filters, masks, borders, cliparts, use tsvetokrrektsiyu and apply other effects.

Since Dg Foto Art has a lot of editing tools, even the templates (which are in collections on the disk) can be changed at will by choosing a general idea and the plot of your album.

Dg Foto Art | Training - this is a step by step video guide that lets you get a complete overview of all the features and Dg Foto Art, as well as its use to create digital photo albums.