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Stereographic Suite v2.0

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Stereographic Suite 2.0 - a software package that will allow you to easily and quickly make high-quality stereograms. The package includes three programs.

Stereogram Generator - generator of stereograms on the basis of depth maps and textures. All you need to do - is tell the program the depth map and texture, press the button - and the stereogram is ready! The hotel's four algorithms sketches, support Mapped Texture stereograms, flexible configuration and minimize the echo gostinga.

Texture Maker - program for creating textures. With it you can do externally very attractive texture (for stereograms, and for other purposes). The program will take care of that for that would not violate the integrity of the picture. Thus, based on textures created in Texture Maker, you get a seemingly continuous high-quality stereo. Using Texture Maker, you can also do unique designs based on fractal algorithms to convert noncyclic texture in cyclic and much more.

Modeler - a program for creating three-dimensional scenes and rendering the depth maps and color maps. You have the three-dimensional space and the opportunity to have within it various objects - simple and complex shapes. This program - simple to master modeller, which enables you in a few minutes to produce quality depth maps for your stereograms