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Auto FX Plug-in Suite v1.0
Auto FX Plug-in Suite v1.0

The Auto FX Plug-in Suite 1.0 provides you with a comprehensive selection of visual effects from the world's premier developer of Adobe Photoshop Plug-ins. This suite of products works with Photoshop CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5. It includes 165 effect filters and thousands of instant effects to improve your images.

Includes the following: * Mystical Focus

* Mystical Lighting and Ambiance 2.0

* Mystical Tint Tone & Color 2.0

* Photo/Graphic Edges Platinum 7.0

* DreamSuite Series One

* DreamSuite Series Two

* DreamSuite Gel Series

* AutoEye 2.0

Mystical Focus is a suite of 16 visual effects that add luscious depth-of-field, panning motion, focal point, bokeh and tilt-shift focal results to your digital images. The Mystical Focus suite of effects runs as a stand-alone application and as an Adobe Photoshop plug-in for Mac and Windows users.

Mystical Tint Tone and Color 2.0 includes 60 cutting-edge filters for rapidly improving and enhancing photos in a production environment. Mystical Tint Tone and Color 2.0 is a true work-horse for professionals who need to save time and money while delivering the best creative possible. Increase customer satisfaction and drive sales by generating outstanding creative results with this software.

Photo/Graphic Edges 7.0 is a suite of professional software for adding edges, frames and borders to enhance your photos.

The new Platinum Edition now includes an amazing collection of film frames, darkroom effects, grunge edges, natural media borders, and dozens of other new styles with over a thousand pieces of new creative content.

An improved preview and rendering system along with an updated interface make the Platinum Edition software a breeze to use.

Features: * New Improved Interface

The new interface design includes a streamlined workflow with larger content previews, reorganised content collections, and a new favourites feature.

* New Content Collections

The Platinum Edition release represents the best collection of frames, edges and borders in the world.

Hundreds upon hundreds of new creative frames, edges and borders have been added to the collections included with this amazing new release.

Add photo-realistic lighting and shading effects to your images with Mystical Lighting by Auto FX Software. Create subtle highlights, shafts of light through mist, delicate shading details, mottled backdrops, rainbows, stars, blowing snow and other image enhancements that are so natural you can't tell they were added in after the shot. Mystical Lighting has powerful new interface controls including layers, unlimited undos, layer presets that combine dozens of effects together as well as photo and masking layers.

DreamSuite is an advanced, full featured, photo-realistic visual effects application that offers precise control over the creative process. In DreamSuite each effect has a set of controls that allow the user to adjust the effect's visual settings. Any onscreen tools associated with an effect are tied to the effect controls so the user may draw onscreen with an effect path and then adjust the controls that affect just that path.



DreamSuite Gel is a fun special effects suite that can add vibrant, translucent depth effects to your artwork. With Gel you can generate stunning print and web graphics with ease. Gel is built with the award winning DreamSuite engine to give an infinite variety of looks and combinations of visual results.