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CleanHaven v2.1

CleanHaven is a program designed to make the cleaning of text much easier. The cleaned text can be reset as the main text with additional cleaning performed. Once finished the cleaned text is available from the global cleaned text window.

What's New in This Release:

• [New} You can now perform most functions by words as well as paragraphs. The Cleaned Results window will reflect the results word by word.

• [New] You can now toggle between Table and Text views in the Settings tab (or typing Command-T). Choose whether all columns are affected by Convert and Replace actions or just a particular column.

• [New] When formatting Phone numbers CleanHaven asks for the position of the space divider.

• [New] The text fields now remove all formatting when text is pasted into them.

• [New] The Info menu can now show the Frequency of Paragraphs or Words from most to least common.

• [New] The CleanHaven window displays a counter of the text variables. The number of variables is reduced when viewing over 100,000 characters (to reduce the slowdown).

• [New] The Cleaned Results Text window can now be saved as a plain text file.

• [New] The Cleaned Results Table window can now be saved as an Excel XML, tab-delimited or CSV file.