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CyberLink MediaShow v5.1

CyberLink MediaShow Ultra - a powerful professional solution to create and write to DVD photo slideshows. This application allows you to work with digital images obtained from virtually any source - cameras, camcorders, mobile phones and druih sources, and an attractive and easy to use 3D-interface makes it easy to work with digital resources, search and navigate by album, sort of archives. The program provides an automatic sorting, search and view detailed preview. MediaShow allows you to quickly and professionally edit digital photos, correcting weaknesses such as lack of stamina and uneven lighting, red-eye removal and adjust the contrast. The latest version of software is used PhotoNow!, Provide advanced photo editing features, including automatic correction of images and removal of the effect.

Features: * Managing, improving and sharing your photos and videos

* Easy to import your photos and video files

* Quick Search in your media library

* 3D liquid user interface

* Super-fast work program and responsiveness

* Change interface skins in real-time

* Import video files from DV

* Import video and images from digital cameras and mobile phones

* Import video and images of these directories and drives

* Instant Search videos and photos by tags, creation time and descriptions

* Add tags and descriptions

* Built-in single-Clicks tools to improve image and video

* Live preview during editing

* Use different video so your video

* Cancel all the acts committed in one click

* Mark selected videos and photos with asterisks

* Use styles slideshow

* Create movies with slideshow

* Repeat slideshow

* Comparison before and after a single screen

* 10 built-in DVD menu templates

* Upload images and videos on Flickr and Youtube

* Convert slideshow screen saver

* Photo printing to local printers