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Drive Genius v3.0.1

Year: 2010

Version: 3.0.1

Developer: Prosoft Ingineering

Platform: Intel

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5.3

Language: English

Tabletka: Present

Description: Company Prosoft Engineering has released a new version of its application diagnostics, testing and work with hard drives, Drive Genius 3.0.

"Typically, hard drive maintenance and management of partitions is a difficult task, complicated and requires considerable time. Often it is because of this, people ignore minor prophylactic procedures, which sometimes leads to disastrous consequences, "says the press release. "Defragment partitions, patch file directory, partition Dikov into sections - these are just some of the possibilities of Drive Genius*.

In addition, Drive Genius offers safe disposal of the sections, making them full of clones, split partitions without losing data, verification of SMART-status of the disk and its surface, fix the privileges, finding and deleting unnecessary files, find duplicates, remove unnecessary code from the programs and locations, and and much more.

The third version of the application was a full 64-bit; received new defragmentation algorithm and Rearranging your partitions; supports hardware and software RAID-arrays, and allows you to scan disk for bad blocks in real time. Finally, in Drive Genius 3.0 was introduced technology DrivePulse, which maintains a continuous monitoring of the disc and is designed to inform the user about the problems before, as they have time to manifest.