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AquaSoft SlideShow Premium v7.0.08

Become a show master in your own home. AquaSoft Living Photos converts your photos into an animated multimedia show in a heartbeat. Pictures, text, music and voice are burned on DVD easily. You always wanted to be seen on TV? We turn you into a program director. Three steps and your reality show can begin, from hip to respectable, theres something for everyone. Importing pictures, calling wizards, burning videos on DVD, ...

And then there is the world of design possibilities in AquaSoft Living Photos.



Let your images really come to life. Zoom your images to your hearts content from small to big, from big to small or with any number of steps in between. In contrast to competing products AquaSoft Living Photos lets you have full control over zooming. You decide when, where and how much is zoomed. Other programs offer a handful of preset paths for zooming. With AquaSoft Living Photos you are the stage director and the program listens to your wishes.

Camera pans

Is a certain section of an image especially dear to you? Then why dont you just magnify this section? The section can float across the image, and even its size can be adjusted. This leads you to beautiful panoramas with just a few clicks. Your images of nature will finally receive the attention they deserve.

Camera-Pans are of course just as flexible as the zoom, and can be combined with it easily.

Turns* and rotations*

Pictures, texts, collages and particle objects can fly along a freely defined movement path. Additionally, a rotation angle can be assigned to each movement mark. So, for instance, you can let a car follow your travel route or let leaves swirl through the air.

Slideshow Master

Do you want to create fancy slide shows without much effort? Then use the Slideshow Master. It creates sophisticated slide shows in three easy steps: choose images -> choose music -> choose style. Of course you can change and individually adjust slide shows created through the Slideshow Master.


To further process and present slideshows they can be exported as high-resolution videos in AVI and WMV* format. This way even presentations via a beamer in best studio quality can be created.

More than 100 text effects

Boring text effects are a thing of the past. Texts fly through the image as if moved by a ghost. They can move from and towards all directions. Set the paths on which the letters flow yourself (loops, waves, etc.) or leave that to the random generator. The letters make their way alone or in groups, combined with zooms or rotations. When you know all preset effects, start making your own. You can even hand those down to your friends and family. Simply choose the text effect that appeals to you and you can start.

DVD and (S)VCD

Create with just a few clicks DVDs or (Super)Video-CDs that can be played in typical DVD players. Naturally with all animations, transitions, music and voice. Just as you designed them on your PC.


Self-starting slideshow-CDs to be played on the PC can also be created with the help of CD-Wizard.These CDs contain the images in full quality. This way you create spectacular gifts for friends and family in a twinkling of an eye.


Up to now it has been difficult to synchronize images and sounds exactly. With the timeline you receive a new tool that lets you arrange all objects synchronous, one after the other or shifted against each other. The timeline shows the exact position in the time flow of your slide show, so that synchronizing of images and music works accurately to the second.


Past is the mere one-after-the-other of a conventional slide show. By using the parallel object any number of objects can be played synchronously or shifted against each other. This way you may let two photos fly into the screen at the same time over moving paths, while a text animation captures the interest of the viewer. At the same time the background music fades a little bit, while your spoken comment steps into the foreground to say what can be seen. The Timeline lets you control these sequences accurately to the second.


AquaSoft Living Photos is based on the new IntelliLoad-technology, a intelligent preloading method developed by our own house. It is used to initialize the next object during internal idle times. This way the show runs smoothly.


Aside from transitions AquaSoft Living Photos offers the possibility to set detailed moving paths for objects like images or texts. This lets photos fly across the screen, if you want, even several at once. Combined with an 8Bit-alpha-channel channel striking effects can emerge. An accurate time control of transparencies is also possible.


There are more than 40 impressive transitions, each of them can be configured in great detail. With the intelligent random selection hundreds of fantastic screen changes emerge.

Background music

AquaSoft Living Photos manages a play list for your background music. Volume, duration, fade-in/fade-out/transition can be set for each piece of music. To see when which music will play look at the timeline. Together with the sound wizard this makes your presentation truly interesting. Add sound with a click of the mouse. If desired the background music even fades out while you speak.


Just one image at a time? That was yesterday! With AquaSoft Living Photos you create complex collages from any images and texts.

Unlimited number of images

AquaSoft Living Photos supports even very large slideshows. The number of images is limited only by the memory of your computer. On normal equipped PCs 20.000 or more images mean no problem. Together with structurerd elements like chapters large slideshows can be handled without problems.