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O O Defrag Server Edition v14.0
O O Defrag Server Edition v14.0

O & O Defrag Server Edition

- one of the most famous and best programs to defragment the hard drives on servers and workstations. Allows you to regain the performance workstations Windows. This solution will eliminate the fragmentation of files and arrange them in order. The program offers a wide selection of new and unique features that make it extra effort to optimize your system.

Providing everything you need to defragment your hard drives on computers running Windows. The server version has a management console program on the network. Can be used on servers and workstations that allows administrative control and monitoring of defragmentation on computers.

The performance of the system as a whole affects many parameters. This equipment specifications, and the number of running and running programs, and hard disk capacity and performance. But this depends not only on the rotation frequency of the plates. In many ways, disk performance, and hence the whole system depends on how the files are placed on the disk. If the files are written to disk in consecutive sectors, the reading of them will require less time than if they were written in different pieces of free at the time of recording disk space.

Statistics says that if the number of fragmented files stored on the disk does not exceed thirty percent of their total number, the conditions of the disk, its performance is close to optimal values. If the defragmented files to half, the speed of the disk slows down. With a higher percentage of drive starts to operate in harsh conditions, for reading files needed more time. The result - a sizeable slowdown.

Out of this situation, of course. And he is the periodic checking a drive for fragmented files and optimize their placement. To perform this work using different software developers. One of them - O & O Defrag - offered by O & O Software. The professional version of this program is designed to work on your computer and has no console, network management, but can act as a client for server solutions.

Latissimus popularity of the product O & O Defrag on the world market due to its rich functionality. Of the five proposed methods defragmentation, you can choose the one that most fully meets the requirements of your system. Unique technology STEALTH provide fast and efficient defragmentation of hard drives with free space less than 7%.

New technologies and intellectual tools allow you to test the slightest difficulty in working with the product O & O Defrag. To create a new schedule, under which will run defrag, and set all its parameters with just a few mouse-click myshi.Blagodarya support new technology OneButtonDefrag, O & O Defrag is able to automatically configure settings and to adapt to the specific requirements of your system.

Especially for mobile users, we have developed a technology IntelligentPowerControl, which takes the process of defragmenting the hard disk into standby mode when disconnecting the notebook from the mains, thereby increasing battery life. When you connect your mobile computer to the electrical network defragmentation automatically resumes. Due to the product O & O Defrag, analysis and defragment the hard disk is much faster and more efficiently than ever before. Performance hard drive will increase by 5-8 times, even if you thought it impossible!

Year: 2010

Operating system: Windows * 2000/XP/Vista/Seven

Interface: En

Size: 43.52/69, 76 Mb

Medicine: Present