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Hard Drive Mechanic v1.1

Hard Drive Mechanic 1.1 Gold Edition | 6.8MB

Hard Drive Mechanic is the best hard drive data recovery software available. It fixes* 99% of hard drive data recovery problems. Hard Drive Mechanic has been recovering hard drive data successfully since 1997 and we have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. Hard drive failure is very upsetting because your hard drive holds all your valuable data files. You could send your hard drive out for repair. But then you have to remove it from your computer or transport your computer to a repair site. This takes time and can be expensive. Also there is no guarantee that your hard drive data will be recovered.

Easily repairs…

• Corrupted Partition

• Damaged FAT

• Boot Sector not Found

• Invalid Drive Specification

• An Invalid Media error

• Disk Boot Failure

• Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, XP and 2000

• A Missing Operating System

• A Formatted Hard Drive

• Virus Damaged File System

• FAT32 and NTFS