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Boris Continuum Complete v7.01
Boris Continuum Complete v7.01

Boris Continuum Complete 7.01 for (PC & MAC) | 122MB

Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE (BCC seven AE) - Video Effects Plug-ins for Adobe After Effects. Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE brings over 210 filters to Macintosh and Windows versions of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5, CS4, and CS3. Version 7 features 11 new filters including a three-way color grade filter with built-in keying and masking tools a new video noise reduction tool, a spline-based warp filter, an audio-driven keyframe generator, a new OpenGL particle engine, and still and video morph technology. Each BCC filter has been re-engineered for 64-bit operating systems and OpenGL acceleration.

Key Features for After Effects Users

- New BCC Text category of 3D OpenGL extruded text generators

- New "digital repair"-style filters such as Smooth Tone, DV Fixer, and Pixel Fixer

- Over 2000 factory-installed animated presets

- Over 1500 factory-installed static presets

- XML preset format means presets can be modified with a standard text editor

- New single-click custom-preset navigation tool eases effect selection

- OpenGL hardware-accelerated vertex and pixel shaders

- Support for After Effects camera and lighting system

- Generate 3D extruded shapes from imported AE spline path mask shapes

- Localize filter results using imported AE spline path mask shapes or built-in PixelChooser


- Motion Tracking data import and export using industry-standard XML format

- Volumetric lighting effects and Glows

- Specular lighting special effects such as Glint, Glare, Glitter

- Compositing tools such as Light Wrap and Matte Choker

- Natural effect generators such as Snow, Rain, Fire, Stars

- Motion Key for automated foreground object removal

- Film Look effects such as Bleach Bypass, Damaged Film, and Grain Match

- Optical Flow-based image retiming and motion blur effects

- Automated optical image stabilization without the use of point trackers

- Onscreen controls for easy parameter set-up

- 16-bit deep-color pixel processing

- OpenGL hardware-accelerated rendering

- Multi-core performance

New Filters in Continuum Complete 7 AE: - 3 Way Color Grade

- Lens Blur

- Lens Shape

- Noise Reduction

- Beat Reactor

- Lens Transition

- Morph

- Partcle Array 3D

- Pin Art 3D

- Warp

- Video Morph


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