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CompuApps DriveEraser v1.21

DriveEraser permanently erases data from hard disks, removable media, partitions, files and folders. It is specifically designed to eliminate data that is no longer needed and should not be recovered by anyone else.

When files are deleted from a disk on your computer through the operating system, the operating system does not erase the content of these files from the disk. It only deletes references to these files on the hard drive. Contents of the deleted files continue to be stored on the disk and can be easily restored using disk utilities.

Major Functions

Secure Erase for hard/removable Disk Drives

Secure Erase for any selected partition

Secure Erase for files/folders

Create virtually any Custom rules

Supported to erase the Clipboard data, Registry Most Recently Used List, Application Log and other Temporary files (*.tmp, * .bak, *.old, etc).

Supported to erase the temporary/cache data of different browsers like Internet explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Netscape and Chrome.

Supported to erase the files/folders/drives by right-click and select the DriveEraser application in the explorer view