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Pinnacle TVCenter Pro v5.4.1.3038
Pinnacle TVCenter Pro v5.4.1.3038

Size: 745 MB | HF

With Pinnacle PCTV you can watch TV anywhere: in the office, the child in the bedroom or the kitchen. External TV tuners allow even watch TV while on nature. Many models have the support of two standards of TV and FM radio support.

Supported Tuners: | Dazzle * TV Hybrid Stick (330e)

| PCTV Analog PCI (110i)

| PCTV Analog Pro PCI (110i)

| PCTV Analog Stick (170e)

| PCTV Dual DVB-T Pro PCI (2000i)

| PCTV Dual Hybrid Pro PCI Express (3010ix)

| PCTV Dual Sat Pro PCI (4000i)

| PCTV Hybrid ExpressCard (320cX)

| PCTV Hybrid Pro PCI (310i)

| PCTV Hybrid Pro Stick (340e)

| PCTV Hybrid Stick Solo (330e)

| PCTV Hybrid Pro Stick (330e)

| PCTV Hybrid Stick Solo (340e SE)

| PCTV nanoStick (73e)

| PCTV nanoStick Ultimate (73e)

| PCTV Quatro Stick (510e)

| PCTV teleScope (73A)

-Full compatibility with Windows Vista 64 bit.

-Improved performance and reliability.

If there was any or ever, any version or another installed.

Must be cleaned of all traces of previous installations: 1. Delete: a) remove the program itself, as standard, a "dashboard" Windows.

2. Installation

a) Connect the tuner to your PC

a) Run the installation program itself, fill using keygen.

e) When a registration request, after the select

"I have already registered. Do not show this message."

e) If the driver for the tuner is not established, then install the driver for the tuner from the Internet.

f) well and everything is already setup on, though, as always, can not find all the channels!

Year: 2010

Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, W7