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PC Study Bible v4.0
PC Study Bible v4.0

PC Study Bible 4.0 | 30MB

The brand new PC Study Bible Version 4 gives you the tools you need to explore the heart and depths of every Bible passage, enabling you to learn far more in much less time.

Here are just a few of the many ways you ll be able to use this exciting program: * Instantly find any Bible verse or passage.

* Compare multiple Bible translations side by side.

* Search any reference work in your study library for words or phrases.

* Instantly retrieve expert commentary, analysis and background information from the most trusted Bible reference works ever written.

* Effortlessly unlock the meaning of Bible words and passages with comprehensive original language tools.

* Explore any Bible topic through thousands of articles, cross references and outlines.

* Author your own Bible study materials and share them with others.

And all this information is linked directly to the Bible the center of your studies. In fact, as you study any verse or passage in the Bible, the program directs you to all of this information automatically!