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Vector Clocks v2.30

Vector Clocks 2.30

- fully scalable alarm clock on your desktop. You can place it anywhere on the screen, turning the clock in any direction, resize and even add a three-dimensional perspective view with no loss of quality.

Appearance hours fully customizable: you can hide the second hand, besides the usual dial bring more electronic watches, as well as the current date.

Run multiple alarms simultaneously. For each of them can set up different time zones.

As an alarm clock you can put any song of your choice, as well as with an alarm clock can display a text sooobschenie (a - write themselves in the settings)

In addition, Vector Clocks do not need to install and it is completely free.

Main features: * About a dozen different skins to choose from

* Customizable appearance

* Add a photo as bekgraunda

* Settings transparency

* Any tune as a ring tone

* The "Top "

License: freeware

Language: English

Operating System Version: Win XP, 2003, Vista, 7

Size: 6.26 Mb