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Auslogics Duplicate File Finder v2.0.6.55
Auslogics Duplicate File Finder v2.0.6.55

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder will help you get rid of unnecessary duplication. With this free software you can clean up to 50% extra space on your hard drive! Find and delete duplicate files .Duplicate files can accumulate due to daily use computer. You can download hundreds of music and video files, various documents and applications, share them with friends, not noticing how the exact same files accumulate on your computer.

As a result, a significant portion of disk space consumed is useless. With Auslogics Duplicate File Finder, you can quickly find and remove unnecessary duplicate files, and thus, clear up to 50% extra space on your hard drive!

Increased computer performance

Duplicate files are not only useless to take up space on your hard drive, but can also degrade the performance of your computer. Removing duplicates, you can reduce the time required to defragment your hard disk, and the time to scan your computer with antivirus software.

Ordering of media files

Among the unnecessary duplication are the most common music and video files, images, photos, etc. If you, for example, have collected a few hundred or even thousands of mp3-files, you will be quite difficult to choose among them the same track manually.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder will help clear your media collection from duplicate files. In this case, you will loose the extra disk space that is so necessary to further the collection.

Search for duplicate files based on content

Thanks to search engine "MD5", you can find identical files, even with different attributes (file name, date of creation / modification, file size). For example, if the hard drive, there are two identical pictures, but with a different name, the program Auslogics Duplicate File Finder to easily find them.

- Fixed all known bugs

- Fixed language files

- Improved installer