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NoWires Filter v1.7
NoWires Filter v1.7

Plug-in for the unsophisticated in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and for those who really value their personal free time. NoWires filter removes electrical wires crossing your images. And he does it automatically retouching, you only need to determine which wire should be removed. With NoWires you can improve your photos in just a couple of minutes! Forget hours of manual retouching! Instead, save your time and go shoot your new pictures!

Suppose that you have photographed a beautiful landmark, which spoils the only one bad thing - an electric wire that crosses the image. Get rid of this annoying wires, using plug-NoWires! Run your favorite software photo editing (Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements), open your image, and then filter NoWires. Remove the wires from your photographs just 3 clicks: 1. Click on one end of the wire

2. Click on the other end of the wire

3. Click OK!

The wire disappears completely! No longer require any manual retouching!

What's new in NoWires Filter 1.7: * Remove the wires become more accurate.

* Improved method of removing the wires.

* Updated the installer. Now you can install a plug-in user folder and use it with any program that supports plug-ins to the program Adobe Photoshop.

The archive with language is illustrated with detailed reference to the Russian example to work with the plugin NoWires (format PDF).

System requirements: Adobe Photoshop 7.0-CS4 (32-bit) or Adobe Photoshop Elements (Windows versions)

Other programs to support plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop (Irfan View, etc.)