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New Plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop CS3 CS CS5 Collections
New Plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop CS3 CS CS5 Collections

New Plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop CS3/CS/CS5 Collections (Eng/2010) | 692MB

Compiling plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop CS3/CS/CS5.


Digital Anarchy ToonIt 2.51

DigitalAnarchy Beauty Box 1.0

Imagenomic Portraiture v2.3 build 2308

MiaBella actions and texture for Photoshop

OnOne Software Mask Pro 4.1.8

Topaz DeJPEG v4.0.1

Topaz DeNoise v4.1

Topaz Simplify v3.0.1

Topaz Clean v3.0.1

Topaz ReMask v2.0.4

Topaz Detail v2.0.4

A detailed description of plug-ins:

Digital Anarchy ToonIt 2.51

Company Digital Anarchy has released an update to its renowned Photoshop plug-in for ToonIt! 2.51. The plugin allows you to create different effects, stylized drawings of different styles - it has a whole set to style a particular way of painting and illustration, which can be operated in automatic mode with default settings, and in poluruchnom, with the possibility of "tuning" the result of toddlers .

DigitalAnarchy Beauty Box 1.0

New plug-in from company Digital Anarchy. Plug-in using the technology Face Detection, determines a person's skin softens and retouch it. Automatic The identification and creation of masks, used to accelerate the process.

Imagenomic Portraiture v2.3 build 2308

Russian version Imagenomic Portraiture plugin for Adobe Photoshop allowing to selectively address the shortcomings of the skin, keeping the texture and other important details of the portrait, such as hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc., than significantly accelerates time-consuming process of retouching per pixel. Automatically detects the surface of the skin, forming avtomasku, which can be adjusted manually.

Imagenomic Portraiture two perfectly eliminates the defects of the skin, pigment spots, reduces wrinkles, etc., and thus remains fully relevant details such as hair, eyelashes, eyebrows. All the smoothing parameters are governed by: you can choose the level of smoothing out the list or customize these smoothing parameters, like sharpen, blur, tone the skin, the brightness and contrast. Custom settings are stored in profiles for future use. At the same time to different areas retushiruemym can be applied different variants of anti-aliasing.

The plugin allows you to process images in batch mode.

What's new in the new version:

• Greatly improved user interface

• There is a choice screenshots

• Added ability to import and export presets with their description

• Mask skilntone (skin tone) can now be more accurately adjust the sliders

• Preview mask in real-time tracking of movement of the cursor

• Increased productivity

Extras. Information: IMPORTANT: After the Russification of the plugin will create a new folder to save your own presets (preset). This folder will be named "Options." If you have already created an English version of the plugin your own presets for portraits, then manually perekinte them from the folder "Settings" folder in "Settings" to make visible previously hidden folders and directories! These two packs are in one place.

Windows XP these folders are the following ways:

C: / Documents and Settings / .... / Application Data/Imagenomic/PT/2.0

MiaBella actions and texture for Photoshop

A set of action games for Photoshop from Mia Bella.

The structure of the distribution includes Action Games:

Leah's Color Workflow Action set (2.47 mb)

MiaBella actions and Haze action set (1.4 mb)

MiaBella Texture action set (75mb - includes textures / actions)

MiaBella Black and White Plus Vintage action set (8.92 mb)

MiaBella Rich Vintage Paper Pack (63 mb)

+ Includes the original textures to work with ekshenom a good resolution (3600 * 3600)!

OnOne Software Mask Pro 4.1.8

Time is money, stop wasting both making complex selections in Photoshop.

Mask Pro 4.1 makes it easy to create masks, selections and clipping paths

on difficult subjects like hair, glass and fog. Mask Pro's tool-box lets

you use the right tools for different parts of your image and lets you

see and refine your mask in real-time.

FocalPoint - plug-in from the company onOne Software for Photoshop is designed to create vignettes and adding to the image effect of focus. This effect is very popular, especially in wedding, portrait, and other artistic shootings - in the plane of focus object, and all edges. In FocalPoint there are many opportunities to create different effects such: you can simulate the effect of blurring the motion, obfuscate or clarify parts of the image, which do not fall into focus, etc. The plugin supports saving created with the help of effects as templates for reuse in the future.

PhotoTools Pro - a large collection of quality special effects, tools for correcting photos, as well as automation of the creative process. High-quality filters can be used to provide color-correction and polarization images. With the proposed tool photographers can make styling digital images under the old photos or film footage. In the preview window you can see the effect of each of the fifteen hundred effects PhotoTools before applying it. For each image you can apply multiple effects, also allowed the possibility of batch processing of photos.

PhotoTune - another plugin for Adobe Photoshop by onOne Software, allows you to quickly adjust your digital photos. Plug-in PhotoTune works in three modes: image processing with people, image processing, without people and professional advanced mode. With PhotoTune you can change the color of human skin, adjust picture clarity, color saturation, color and more. In fact, PhotoTune - a single set of plugins for correcting tone and color of human skin. In normal mode (not professional) plug-in works as a single-step wizard, where all parameters are set automatically and you need only select the desired option from the results of the two images. There is also a small set of built-in presets and it is possible to save settings for future use.

Topaz DeJPEG v4.0.1

Topaz DeJPEG - Plug-in for Photoshop removes JPEG artifacts and enhances image clarity simultaneously. Each of us know little squares and blur compression JPEG. Of course, this is unbearable and very, very frustrating, but we were able to get used to it. Topaz Labs finally solved this problem by releasing JPEG amplifier. This plug-in for Photoshop, with which you can remove the squares and improve image clarity.

They are very easy to use, it is acceptable to everyone, because the plugin uses advanced algorithms, always reaching the optimal result.

No Photoshop? No problem! Topaz DeJPEG works with anything that supports plug-ins Photoshop, including programs such as, for example, Irfanview and GIMP.

In addition, Topaz DeJPEG supports:

• 8-bit and 16-bit channel.

• Scripts and actions of Photoshop.

• Batch processing of multiple images.

• Context sensitive help

Topaz DeNoise v4.1

Topaz DeNoise v4.1 32/64-bit

Topaz DeNoise is the best noise reduction plugin for Adobe Photoshop. . It uses a new and powerful method of filtering noise. These are new technologies that have been created over the past few years, the most detailed image while reducing noise. Simply and effectively reduces noise in images without reducing the quality of parts!

The plugin uses several image processing algorithms depending on the format of source material, has several tiered system of adjustments to an image - which undoubtedly will enable professionals to evaluate all the charm of this plugin. For inexperienced users especially have a tab with ready screwing depending on the file format.

Topaz DeNoise is the best noise reduction plugin for Adobe Photoshop. It uses a new and powerful method of filtering noise. These are new technologies that have been created over the past few years, the most detailed