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SDL Passolo 2009
SDL Passolo 2009

SDL Passolo 2009 is a specialized software localization tool that greatly speeds up the translation of user interfaces.

It is easy-to-use and users do not require programming experience. SDL Passolo greatly optimizes both manual and automated localization workflows, either as a stand-alone application, or when integrated with other SDL products such as SDL Trados and SDL MultiTerm.

User-friendly software localization tool - no programming experience required!

Speed up software localization projects - translate faster than ever before

Extensive QA checks - improve the accuracy and consistency of your projects

Full control of your projects - access previous versions in just a few clicks

Compatible with the latest Microsoft technology, file filters and languages

New features in SDL Passolo 2009

Revolutionary QuickIndex technology for faster projects completion!

Reduces lookup time from up to one minute to a fraction of a second compared to a large non-indexed glossary

Improves the quality of matches by interpreting programming language specifics within software strings

Provides the ability to index projects for faster lookup

Improved user interface that you can tailor to suit your requirements

Modern, intuitive look and feel

Customizable interface allows you to resize, reposition or close task panes

The ability to customize your keyboard shortcuts for maximum efficiency

Access the full history of edits to each string for greater control over your projects

Roll-back changes, enabling you to revert to a previous version

Provides an audit trail of the localization process

Additional features to speed up your software localization projects

Search for strings in large projects faster with the project view filter

Find repeated strings more easily and quickly with the replicate filter

Easily add source files, as well as import translation files and bundles with drag-and-drop functionality

Be future-ready with additional and enhanced support for all the latest file filters

Microsoft* .NET 3.5

Enhanced Microsoft* WPF support

Delphi* 2009

Enhanced Java* support

Oracle* 11 databases

Microsoft* Silverlight* support