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Infragistics NetAdvantage AllInOne 2010

Description: NetAdvantage useful set of components for developers includes a set of controls for the following platforms:

Year: 2010

Version: vol2

Developer: Infragistics

Platform:. NET

Compatibility with Vista: complete

System Requirements: VS 2010/2008/2005,. NET 4.0/3.5/3.0

Language: English only

Tabletka: Present

1) WinForms.

Added new features:

• WinFormManager

• WinTimeSpanEditor

• Rotating Button


Added new controls:

• WebCaptcha

• WebExcelExporter

• WebRating

• WebScriptEditor

3) WPF.

Added new elements:

• XamColorPicker

• XamContextMenu

• XamDialogWindow

• XamMenu

• XamSlider

• XamSpellChecker

• XamTagCloud

4) Silverlight

Full support for Silverlight in April, added an element xamColorPicker

Update 9.7.10 Added examples and help