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Adobe Acrobat Professional v8

Adobe Acrobat Professional v8 Full Version with Keygen | 600MB

New file optimization choices are available in Adobe Acrobat 8 for creating PDFs optimized for their intended use, such as resolution of the PDF and embedded graphics, to keep file size as small as possible and still create PDFs that will satisfy their intended use. This can minimize trial-and-error adjustments of the various optimization settings.

Among the new features in version 8 is a new way to combine multiple documents into a PDF Package that maintains the complete integrity of the individual files. Inside the package, each file retains the file format of its original authoring program, if you choose not to convert them to PDF. In previous version of Acrobat, combining new files or removing one from a PDF would invalidate the digital signatures of files in the PDF because the overall PDF had been changed. Now, individual digitally signed PDF files can be combined in a package but can maintain the digital signature if you add or remove other portions of the package. Theres also a new master signature you can apply to a PDF Package in addition to preserving the digital signatures of individual files as necessary.

Two versions are available : Acrobat Connect 8 and Acrobat Connect Professional. Acrobat Connect 8 is intended for personal or small-business use and can accommodate as many as 15 users at once in a meeting room. Meetings can take place on a prearranged date and time (for uses such as sales presentations or online training sessions) or on a the spur-of-the-moment (during a phone conversation, for example, when you need to be able to show someone what you are talking about). Acrobat Connect Professional is intended as a Web conference facility that can easily scale up to enterprise-level Web conferencing. It can include an unlimited number of private meeting rooms, each with its own private URL address and the ability to accommodate more than 15,000 users at once. This version also provides additional features such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), recording of Web conferences for on-demand playback, audience polling, custom meeting room layouts and a Collaboration Builder SDK for creating custom Internet-based applications. Acrobat Connect Professional can be hosted on Adobe Web servers or inst



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