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FarStone VirtualDrive Pro v 14.0

FarStone VirtualDrive Pro v 14.0 (Build 10082009) | 41MB

FarStone VirtualDrive Pro - a program to rewrite a CD-ROM drive in the form of their images on the hard drive in order to further their playing or looking through themselves without a CD. Supports the creation of images with virtually CDs virtually any sozderzhaniya - CD-ROM, Audio CD, Mixed-Mode CD, Photo CD, Video CD, DVD-ROM. To play a CD-image program allows you to create up to 23 virualnyh drive. When recording to hard disk audio-CD allowed the conversion tracks in the MP3-files and compress all recorded on the hard disk CD-ROM drive. Be copied one-to-one that allows you to create images with a workable protected from overwriting CD. Virtual disks are displayed in Explorer, the operating system like physical disks under certain letters.

Key features:

• Creating virtual hard disks

• Support for drive: CD-ROM, audio, photo and video CD, a mixed-type drives, DVD-ROM, encrypted DVD

• Optimum intuitive interface and high-quality execution

• Archival CD and DVD in a convenient storage system

• Saving time and resources

• Backup recovery and data protection for virtual disk

• Create backup copies of discs with games

• Simultaneous operation of multiple virtual disks (up to 23-x)

• Portability and Convenience: The shift to notebook computers, external hard drives, etc.

• Creating virtual VCD-drive applications, documents, distributions, distribution of the network.

• Burn CD and DVD with any data, music, games, recorded on the virtual disk