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Kirk Hunter Symphony Orchestra Emerald

The Emerald - Symphony Orchestra is a full symphonic compliment of instruments and articulations - features 20 GB and thousands of instruments. The Kirk Hunter Symphony Orchestra - Emerald is without a doubt the best "bang for the buck" orchestral sample library available today with its vast list of instruments and articulations, LegatoLive performance tools, use of alternates (K2 Round Robin), and flexible programming! These features, along with its incredibly low price, immense size of near 20 GB and thousands of instruments makes its value unsurpassed in the industry. But don't let the low price make you think that you're getting a "budget" product. This set truly rivals, and in many cases surpasses the quality of the best and most revered orchestral sample libraries out there. Symphony Orchestra - Emerald is the clear choice for your musical creativity!

This collection is a set of thousands of instruments containing new samples compiled from selected takes and recording sessions that you will not find in ANY other sample library.