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Megatech MegaCAD Metall v2010-CYGiSO
Megatech MegaCAD Metall v2010-CYGiSO

Megatech MegaCAD Metall v2010-CYGiSO | 706MB

MegaCAD metal is the CAD software for the metal crafts. They as natural as drawing on the drawing board. MegaCAD metal has a wide range of useful features, the outermost working pleasant. Corrections are easily made once Subscribed can be used again and again. Predefined decorative elements let einfuegen easily to reflect, rotate and copy. The Working with standard parts almost automatically goes out of hand. More Highlights include automatic Stabverteilung, the grid generator for example, gates, fences, railings and automatic pieces, packaging, Ordering and cutting lists.

Thus it does not stop. Especially developed for special constructions Metal MegaCAD all its merits. And should grow your exigencies You are always suited to the top.


Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7

Intel Pentium 4 Processor

2 GB of RAM

1 GB of free hard disk space

Supplier ..... : Team CYGiSO

Release Date .... : 2010-01-27

Crackers ...... : Team CYGiSO

Image format .... : BIN

ProgramType .. : CAD

Lang...............: GERMAN


Rar files unzip

Image burn or mount in a virtual drive

Setup and install

The instructions from \ CYGiSO \ readme.txt follow

Finish... Enjoy another fine CYGiSO release!