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Windows 7 Enterprise Original Pre SP1 En 15.09.2010

Present to you the original image of

Windows 7 Enterprise x86 (32-bit)

! Updates are included on 15 September 2010. Set activators found in the archive. After you install and carry out all necessary operations are getting activated (being tested for validity on the Microsoft site), clean (do not have any add-ons, nothing is deleted) Windows 7 Enterprise x86!

System requirements: * 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor with 1 GHz.

* 1 GB of RAM.

* Support for DirectX 9 interface with the driver WDDM, at least 128 MB of graphics memory, Pixel Shader 2.0 in color and 32 bits per pixel.

Hard disk capacity of 40 GB to 16 GB of free disk space.

* A DVD-ROM drive.

Differences between the x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) versions of Windows: If you have a more than 3 gigabytes of RAM stavte x64 (64-bit) version, or if postevite x86 (32-bit) windows just will not use the rest of the memory ...

Differences between Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate: In terms of composition do not differ from each other.

Windows 7

is convenient, productive and enjoyable. Better ways to search and file management, such as lists of transitions and a more intuitive view on the taskbar, help to perform familiar tasks faster and easier. Windows 7 provides improved performance and reliability, so your computer will work as you need. With support for 64-bit versions can take full advantage of the latest models of powerful computers and efficient components, such as the home team, Windows Media Center and Windows Touch, will provide new opportunities for controlling the computer and files.

Installation instructions: Burn an image to a CD at the lowest speed. After successfully burning restart the computer with the inserted disk, boot from the disk (in BIOS vystavte in the first place instead of the hard disk drive, his second place). Next is the process of running the installation of Windows. Install preferably on a formatted partition (in the process of determining the parameters and the choice of where to install the system there is an option otfarmotirovat disk). Forward to the successful completion of the installation ... (Temporarily disable the installation of updates, then again could be included ...)

Installing Updates: After successful installation of Windows go in the folder with updates and click Update.cmd (screenshot number 2, the list of updates - screenshots * 2,3,4). Updates are installed. After that, activate the Windows ...

Activation: List of activators - screenshot number 5. Suggest using an activator which is located in the "Activator Windows 7 Release 13.2, or activator of Napalum.

Additional Information: After all the actions undertaken are getting activated and registered, as well as an update on September 15, 2010 Windows 7 Enterprise x86 (32-bit). Have fun;)

OS: x86

Language: English

License: Crack

Size: 2.58 Gb