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Collection of graphics software from Two Pilots 21 in 1
Collection of graphics software from Two Pilots 21 in 1

Collection of graphics software from Two Pilots 21 in 1 RePack

In this collection of 21 programs from well-known and respected in the world of graphics, the studio Two Pilots. All programs are collected in a single shell, have a quiet installation, and demos. Many of them are Russian-speaking help.

program, through which you can apply makeup and fix cosmetic defects directly on the photo. Edited using this program, your pictures look even better! Beauty Guide will help lipstick, apply blusher, eye shadow and powder, to bring change eye color, smooth wrinkles, reduce swelling and puffiness, remove birthmarks and blemishes, whiten teeth. All this you can edit right on the photo.

Features: - Supports the work of twain interface (scanners, cameras, etc.);

- Can operate as a plug-in Adobe Photoshop and other photo processing software;

- Includes demos of image processing;

easy to use program for retouching portraits. This program will help users to make portraits more perfect, by a simple photo retouching. program will help you smooth out the skin on the photos, and easily allows you to remove red-eye. Beauty Pilot has interactive examples with which you can easily master the techniques of correction of photographic portraits. program can be used as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop or another compatible program.

Color Pilot is designed for simple, fast and high-quality color correction of images obtained with a digital camera or scanner.

How the program works is based on the reference colors. The meaning of this approach can be expressed as follows: "If you do not like the color, tell the program what it should be." We believe that this is a natural approach may be adopted by both professionals and newcomers to the correction.

Color Pilot is able to show itself (a very useful feature for those who do not like to read HELP), showing their work on examples.

problematic facial skin does not hurt to look good on the photo! It is difficult to be photogenic, having problematic skin. But because of the random pimple may take and perfect facial skin. Our program will replace a set of cosmetics and will help you become photogenic anyway, and on any shot!

Cosmetic Guide allows you to remove cosmetic defects directly on the photo. Edited using this program, your pictures look even better! Helps to smooth wrinkles, reduce swelling and puffiness; remove birthmarks and warts to whiten your teeth. All this you can edit directly on the photos! The program includes animated examples of processing images: removing a large mole, wrinkles, teeth whitening, removal of body piercing; reducing puffiness under the eyes.

program will: - Smooth wrinkles;

- To reduce swelling and puffiness;

- Giving expressive eyes;

- Remove birthmarks and blemishes;

- Whiten teeth;

- Change the shape of the nose, enlarge the eyes, to make a thinner waist.

Curve Pilot v.1.0

learning method of color correction curves

The traditional image editors use the curve method for color correction. First you open an image editor, then run the command "Curves" and set the following values, the result is.

The disadvantage of this method is that it is targeted at advanced users. Curve Pilot offers an entirely different method of correction. Specify the program, what color you want to get a result and the program automatically: - Calculate the position of the curves at which we obtain the desired result;

- Show the curves on the screen;

- Will do color correction.

EXIF Pilot Free v.4.2

program for viewing, editing, and creating EXIF and IPTC data.

program allows you to do the following: - View the EXIF, EXIF GPS, IPTC and XMP data.

- Edit, create EXIF, EXIF GPS and IPTC data.

- Edit some Makernote tags.

- Import / Export EXIF and IPTC to / from XML format.

- Import / Export EXIF and IPTC to / from MS Excel format. More ...

- Import / Export EXIF and IPTC to / from a text file.

- Importirt / eksportirt metadata to / from a file.

- Batch editing of images. More ...

- Edit, create EXIF and IPTC data from the command line. More ...

- Create a template for the export of individual tags. More ...

- Copy EXIF and IPTC data into XMP data.

- Copy XMP data in the EXIF and IPTC data.

- A detailed description of the standard tags.

Form Pilot Pro v.2.27

program is to fill paper forms with additional opportunities to create and populate a large number of documents.

Repeated filling the same forms, save them in one file, support for multipage documents. You can save documents in PDF, edit, print, send by fax and e-mail.

program to resize images without distorting the important objects. Will help to remove a person or object from a photo without a noticeable trace.

Modern digital cameras give images of large sizes. If you need to resize the photos, for example, for placement on the Internet, and to leave intact the most important part of the image - at your service Image Resize Guide.

program includes the following tools to resize the image and delete objects: Size, Cut fragment, Smart Remove, Smart Size, Patching.

MagicMap Free v.2.0

MagicMap designed to extract color information from raster images, its separation into layers and present the processed images in a compact format.

Typical examples of using MagicMap.

- Recognition of green (a layer of forests) with a scanned topographic map;

- Allocation of a network of pipelines, made in red, with the urban plan in a separate layer;

- Preparation of thematic layers for programs such as ArcInfo, ArcView, AutoCAD, Caddy, MapInfo;

- Preparation of the scanned images for printing on an inkjet plotter.

program to make up the picture will help you do this without the cost of makeup and a stylist. Makeup match with it to avoid mistakes in choosing their own style. Those who believe that properly apply makeup only in Photoshop, can use our program as a plug.

Makeup Guide helps lipstick, apply blusher, eye shadow and powder; change eye color.

You can apply makeup in these instruments from a virtual cosmetics: Lipstick, Powder, Blush, Eye Color, Eye Shadow, Eye Liner.

Instruments digital cosmetics MakeUp Pilot.

program to perform the makeup directly on your photos. program is designed primarily for work with portraits and gives the ability to quickly remove freckles, wrinkles, skin defects, and create make-up and restore old photos. Because the program runs as a standalone application, rather than as an addition to Photoshop, and it provides the basic tools for editing: change brightness and contrast, cropping, rotation, reflection, and resizing. MakeUp Pilot is working with files in the formats of bmp, tif, jpeg and png. program can be used as a plug-in Adobe Photoshop or another compatible program.

With MakeUp Pilot you can: - Retouch minor blemishes

- Change the eye color

- Change the color of the lips

- Overlay shadow and rouge

- Establish a clear eye contour

- Apply the powder

- Remove redundant objects

- Reduce visible wrinkles, puffiness and swelling under the eyes

- To assign to whiten teeth

- Restore old photos

- Change the size, brightness and contrast

- Restore the original image at selected sites

- Rotate and reflect the image

Perspective Pilot is specially designed for the correction of linear perspective distortion in photographs. program also allows you to easily fix the slope of the entire image, often resulting in amateur photography.

To get started, just look built-in in