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Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms 2010

Windows Forms controls

fully compatible with Microsoft* Visual Studio* 2010 give you more stylability for your forms and dialogs with a new drop-in component. You still have the breadth and depth of Office* 2010 and Windows* 7 user experiences with our scenic ribbon control, one of the most fully-featured .NET data grids on the market, and even powerful Gantt charts with Microsoft* Project-style richness and features. Innovations arrive with each release; read the New Features section for power user capabilities like resizable dropdowns, run-time dialogs with a new look and feel, and version-free assembly names that simplify application deployment.

Designed with user experience and performance in mind, Infragistics Windows Forms controls comprise the most complete set of continually enhanced, Windows 7 Multi-Touch default gesture-aware .NET user interface elements available. Focus on your business logic as we take care of the user interface. We empower you to create the most compelling user interfaces of today in Visual Studio 2010 with .NET 4 Client Profile support. We leverage our UX expertise across .NET controls so you can create Killer Apps with complete usability, extreme functionality and the *Wow-factor!"