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Elcomsoft Advanced Office Password Recovery Professional v 5.02
Elcomsoft Advanced Office Password Recovery Professional v 5.02

Elcomsoft Advanced Office Password Recovery Professional

Version: 5.02 build 498

Year: 2011

Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Language: english, deutsch, Russian

Medicine: key

Size: 21.7 Mb

Advanced Office Password Recovery - recovers passwords or bypass the password protection of files and documents created in Microsoft Office System products for all versions. Currently supported versions 2.0 through 2010, inclusive. The program supports documents created with Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Project, Money, PowerPoint, Visio, Publisher, and OneNote. In addition to the above, the program allows access to the source code VBA macros, password-protected.

Opportunities Advanced Office Password Recovery

* Supports all Microsoft Office versions from 2.0 to 2010

* Instant recovery of individual passwords

* Changing the password for a user-specified

* Immediate removal of protection to documents that have ever been to guess the password

* Use of all vulnerabilities Microsoft Office System products to restore access to documents

* Pre-attack with a set of typical parameters for the restoration of Strong Password

* Support for dictionary attacks and brute force password using the template masks

* Hardware acceleration (patent pending) reduces the brute force of 50

* Technology hardware acceleration using NVIDIA graphics cards and ATI

* Support for up to 32 simultaneous CPUs or cores and up to 8 graphics processors

* optimization for modern processors maximizes in-class products speed of brute force

Instant recovery of access to secure documents

In many cases, Advanced Office Password Recovery allows you regain access to secure documents in the same second. For example, older versions of Microsoft Office uses a very simple encryption system, which allows us to compute the password. Also, in some versions of Office use algorithms with limited key lengths

In addition to these applications, with Advanced Office Password Recovery Instant recovery of possible access to documents protected by other versions of products family Microsoft Office. In particular, it supports the ability to recover saved passwords used for authentication through Microsoft Passport (LiveID).

Acceleration using graphics

Microsoft has greatly enhanced password security in Office 2007 and further improved it in Office 2010. You can safely say that the program password recovery, using only the CPU can no longer cope with their tasks in files created with recent versions of programs from a set of Microsoft Office. On the sorting of passwords in these files take too much time.

To expedite the process of brute force Elcomsoft AOPR added support for multiple graphics cards and the simultaneous use of all imeschihsya in the central and graphics processors. You can leave some or all of the core of the central and graphics processors to address the problem of brute force, which will ensure maximum performance busting in the background. Technology hardware acceleration ElcomSoft supports arbitrarily large number of graphics cards like ATI or NVIDIA, such as the NVIDIA GeForce 8, 9, 100, 200 and 400 - series or ATI RADEON 4800 and 5000.


If the document is protected by persistent password decryption can take a long time. For convenience, the program provides pre-attack, which automatically enumerates all the common passwords and uses a dictionary attack. Also be searched among the passwords that were ever recovered for other documents.

Search on the mask

If there is more information about the password (known password length in characters, or any part of your password or have any information about the use or absence of certain characters in a password and numbers) the rate of recovery can be greatly increased by sorting on a given mask.

Dictionary Attack

According to statistics, a significant portion of passwords used to protect the office document contains one or more words from the dictionary. The method of password guessing and dictionary allows dozens of times to reduce the time required to reset your password. Advanced Office Password Recovery supports dictionary attack, going through a password consisting of words and their possible combinations in different registers and in several languages. Supports the ability to connect additional dictionaries.

Direct search

In the case of a complete lack of information about the password is carried out through all the possible options for a specific length of the password to restore access to the document. At Advanced Office Password Recovery uses the latest methods of low-level code optimization for modern processors, allowing to achieve high performance sorting compared with competing products.

Forgetting a password to your personal email folder or a family budget can be annoying. Halting the work because of the lost password causes immediate monetary loss. Get control over your own documents even if they are protected with a password! Advanced Office Password Recovery recovers, replaces, removes or circumvents instantly passwords protecting or locking documents created with Microsoft Office applications.

Advanced Office Password Recovery unlocks documents created with all versions of Microsoft Office from the ancient 2.0 to the modern 2010. Recover passwords for Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Project, Money, PowerPoint, Visio, Publisher and OneNote. Reset MS Internet Explorer Content Advisor passwords and open any password-protected VBA project by exploiting a backdoor.

Features and Benefits

* Supports all versions of Microsoft Office applications from 2.0 to 2010

* Instant password recovery for multiple products

* Instantly unlocks documents with previously recovered passwords

* Exploits all known backdoors and tricks in the Office family for instant recovery

* Completely automatic preliminary attack may recover documents in less than 10 minutes

* Dictionary and brute-force attacks with user-defined masks and advanced templates

* Hardware acceleration (patent pending) reduces password recovery time by a factor of 50

* Patent-pending GPU acceleration technology with NVIDIA or ATI video cards

* Allows up to 32 CPUs or CPU cores and up to eight GPUs

* Highly optimized low-level code for optimum performance

Instant Access to Password-Protected Documents

Not all passwords are equally strong. Advanced Office Password Recovery provides instant access to many types of password-protected documents, including those created in Microsoft Word and Excel versions 1997 and 2000. Later versions of Microsoft Word and Excel save documents and spreadsheets in compatibility mode by default making them available for instant password recovery.

Instant Password Recovery: Special Cases

After carefully analyzing the algorithms and implementations of password protection in different versions of Microsoft Office applications, ElcomSoft developed work-around solutions that allow recovering certain kinds of passwords instantly instead of performing lengthy attacks. Advanced Office Password Recovery is well aware of the various methods of password protection, and implements all the tricks that allow you to recover protected documents in a matter of seconds.

Automatic Password Removal

Even if your documents don't fall into the instant recovery category, their protection may be removed automatically in less than 10 minutes. Just click 'Open', and Advanced Office Password will quickly perform all the steps to speed up the recovery, and to unlock your documents completely automatically. Advanced Office Password Recovery performs a preliminary attack on the password, attempting to unlock the document with commonly used passwords and passwords based on dictionary words. Your document may be recovered without any extra effort in just a few minutes!

Strong Password Recovery

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