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DeskProto 5.0


is a 3D CAM program (CAM = Computer Aided Manufacturing). It imports 3D geometry from any 3D CAD program, calculates CNC toolpaths and then writes NC program files for any CNC milling machine in order to machine your model, mold or even your final product. For more information read the Essentials.

A few of the features that DeskProto Full offers you: Two different user-interfaces: the wizards to get you started, and the dialogs to exploit all options

Extremely fast calculations, also for complex geometries

Rotation axis machining, both indexed and continuous

Large STL files are possible: 500 MB is no problem, for the 64 bits version even up to several GB

3D machining, simple 2D machining and bitmap machining all in one program

The ability to freely add cutters, machines and postprocessors

A very intuitive user-interface.