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TOSHIBA Recovery and Application Drivers Satellite A210-A215
TOSHIBA Recovery and Application Drivers Satellite A210-A215

Toshiba Recovery and Application/Drivers Media Instructions

For Distribution Only With a New Toshiba PC

Support for this computer is provided by the Toshiba Global Support

Important: Keep this media in a safe and convenient place.

To avoid power loss, attach the ac adapter to your computer before using this recovery media.

The enclosed media will allow you to completely recover or selectively re-install software on your Toshiba computer. It will not function on other computer systems.

Full system recovery instructions are provided below. For directions on re-installing individual applications, utilities, or drivers insert disk or #1 disc of the set, into the drive and follow the directions on the screen. A complete installation may take over 1 hour.

TO FULLY RECOVER YOU*RE SYSTEM: 1. Place the disc or #1 disc into drive.

2. Power up the computer while holding down the *C* key (release the *C* key when the screen reads *TOSHIBA*)

3. The computer will format the hard drive and install the factory image.


4. Once the process is complete, remove the recovery media and press any key to restart your computer.

CAUTION: Once you have begun a process, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO STOP IT.

You may seriously damage your system. Using the full system recovery portion of this media will reformat your hard disk, and all information currently on your hard disk drive will be removed.

You will then need to re-install any software not included with your system when you purchased it.