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HappyHarvester 2.5.6
HappyHarvester 2.5.6

HappyHarvester is an advanced web scraper that extracts data from web pages, whether it be html files on hard disk or web pages on the internet. HappyHarvester extracts the data you need from the large amount of data you feed it. You can scan for example your text files or e-mails to extract product or customer information. Or you can scan a web site to find and extract the information you need.

Happyharvester lets you format the information in chunks you need: names and adresses in separate columns for example so you can use them in Excel for further processing.

HappyHarvester's powerful parser can be used to extract descriptions, names, addresses, titles, prices, stock data, and more. The software can gather data from business directories, forums, search engine results, etc. You can import an url-list or use the url-generator for querying web databases. The intuitive user interface has been designed to get you started in minutes. Let it scan ranges of web pages automatically and harvest the results you need and export the results to for example Excel. And of course it can scan a directory for files and process these to extract data.

In short, HappyHarvester is a powerful, effective screen scraper that collects any data from text files or directly off web pages in no time.