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Serial Port Tool Comm Operator

Comm Operator

is a professional tool for serial port, TCP/IP, UDP communication application's design, development, debug and test. It makes it more efficient for the development of hardware-software application, client-server application as well as internet application. It can send and receive data at very high speed. Data can be viewed in text, hex and decimal format. It is also able to create complex structure data, like ZigBee/XBee API data framework or GIS Garmin data package. All data are stored in lists which can be accessed easily from GUI. Data can be sent automatically with flexible auto sending rules. Perl, Python and Ruby script are supported as well as user's EXE and Plug-in dll. It is also able to create COP file. COP file can be opened by Comm Operator Pal, which is free lite version of Comm Operator.

For system designer, Comm Operator will save your time and money to build prototype. The protocol design can be done with Comm Operator only. The content in send data list can be used as test data for later development.

For software programmer and hardware engineer, Comm Operator can simulate the software and hardware. The system can be developed parallel and find out the problem easily.

For engineers who test and deploy the system, Comm Operator is the right tool for unit test. It can be setup as environment for parts before put the system online.

For support work, Comm Operator can create COP file and help customers fix problem in communication layer easily.

Features: * Communicate with RS232, TCP/IP and UDP

* Work with Serial Port, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet and Wifi

* Send, receive and view data in Text, Hex and Decimal format

* Capable of sending a file

* With specific send panel for NCD relay boards

* Support terminal panel and RST/DTR control

* Dedicated input panel for structured data

* Multiple customized panel for user's specific data

* Send data repeatedly with specified interval automatically

* Send single data and group data automatically according to auto send rules

* Support Perl, Python and Ruby Script to send data automatically

* Support third party's Plug-in (.net dll) and user own EXE to send data automatically

* Built-in Echo function for loopback test

* Asynchronous sending and receiving data

* Build-in checksum for Parity, Modular sum and Position-dependent checksums

* Organized data in list and work with multiple send data list

* Create send data list from Text, Hex and Decimal files directly

* Copy and paste data between different lists

* Drag and drop to open send data list directly

* Detect all available COM ports automatically

* Save log file automatically

* Keep all settings for later use

* Create COP file with current setting and data list for free tool Comm Operator Pal.