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CadSoft Eagle Professional 5.11.0

Cadsoft Eagle

- a comprehensive tool for the development of printed circuit boards, starting with the creation of schematic diagrams and, finally, a printed circuit board and trace.

In addition, the program has a rather large library containing a variety of standard and fairly common electronic components. One of the main advantages of this service professionals allocate a full synchronization of changes in the project. For example, if you change or delete any item in the scheme, it is immediately reflected in the illustration board. In programs such as ACCEL EDA, P-CAD and OrCAD need to constantly monitor the whole project, with the slightest changes and at any stage. In addition, the EAGLE event rollback (UNDO) is possible at any number of actions (this does not allow even the most powerful to date CAD - ACCEL EDA).

The program includes: * Schematic Module - a module for creating concepts. It has convenient interface, a grid for aligning components and electrical lines, the elements of drawing on the sheet.

* Layout Editor - editor of printed circuit boards. Allows you to place components on the future of PP, there is error checking, auxiliary lines to facilitate the process manual tracing tools for application of silk-screen markings on the PP.

* Autorouter - module for automatic tracing of printed circuit boards. A large number of settings allows to improve the quality autotracing.

* Library Editor - very flexible and comfortable editor of libraries.

The standard delivery also includes modules that checks the validity of the connection of electrical circuits (ERC - Electrical Rule Check) and the correct positioning of components on the motherboard (DRC - Design Rule Check). The latter two operations are much nicer than in the more advanced systems. EAGLE validates the design and connections so that the user does not know that it is engaged in some kind of extraneous utility. It should be noted that the user does not have to run through various software modules, as is done in P-CAD or ACCEL EDA - all the transitions occur within the program itself. There is also an opportunity to fill a given space polygons.

EAGLE allows the design of multilayer boards with up to 16 layers and having a size 1626h1626 mm at a resolution of 0.0001 mm. System of units (inch or metric) can be changed at any phase of the project without any loss.