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Medisoft V16 Medical Practice Management Application
Medisoft V16 Medical Practice Management Application

Now Releases Medical Billing Software Medisoft V16 Which Now Also Includes Optional EMR Software Program

Some of the new features include: New Enhanced Data Flow between Medisoft v16 and Medisoft Clinical Medisoft Software Version 16 provides enhanced data flow to Medisoft Clinical EMR Software. Key updates are now updated in Medisoft Clinical from the patient message including data fields like phone number, email address, new insurance carriers, and new referring providers. The enhanced communication is mostly transparent to users and takes place in background. You will be able to use new controls on Communications Manager to determine if you transmit and receive appointment status updates.

New Interface

Medisoft Medical Billing Software v16 introduces a completely new and updated look. The user interface retains the logic, structure, and order of previous releases, but implements new colors, icons, window controls, etc. to enhance the user experience. The new design, influenced by the user interface changes that Microsoft introduced with Office 11, uses new icons on the toolbar and menu commands. The updated colors along

with the new image and sizing of icons provide improved navigation and movement through the user interface. Importantly, none of the keyboard hotkey shortcuts (for instance in the Transaction Entry window press F2 to open the Multilink window) changed or the location of functions in this version of the medisoft billing software.

New Flexible Grids for Claim Generation The new implementation provides a flexible environment that you can quickly customize to reflect your claim processing needs by setting up different grid entries for insurance carriers, providers, your practice,

or your data requirements (NPI, legacy, etc.) that you can apply and, if needed, quickly modify. These changes support creating as many custom scenarios that you need to successfully file claims. This new method streamlines and consolidates tabs on key windows such as the Insurance Carrier, Provider, and Referring Provider and moves labs and facilities from the Address tab to Facility tab. Also, the Practice Information window features a new tab, Statement Pay-To, which is used for Bill Flash reports.

New Electronic Claims, Eligibility Verification and ERA Processing Insurance Billing Software; Medisoft Medical Billing Software v16 introduces a new, integrated electronic claims solution, the Revenue Management feature. This solution is offered in two forms: Revenue Management Advanced and Revenue Management Direct. Revenue Management Advanced uses the RelayHealth clearinghouse for electronic claims processing and eligibility verification. With Medisoft v16, there is no cost for this software option though there are clearinghouse charges.

Revenue Management Direct provides pre-configured connectivity to the most popular direct payers and also supports adding connections to other payers or clearinghouses. This solution is available as an annual subscription with additional fees per direct connection.

With either option, Revenue Management provides a flexible tool that lets you manage your claims processing environment and, if necessary, make changes without completely replacing your EDI software.

Revenue Management differs from other EDI solutions by virtue of its design; it is an integrated component of Medisoft which means that the company that produces your practice management solution also produces your EDI solution*a complete revenue management solution that seamlessly updates claim status and date sent while also providing ERA (electronic remittance advice) posting and eligibility verification.

New Enhanced DVD Install for Medisoft Clinical Medisoft Billing Software v16 drastically improves the ease of installing Medisoft Clinical. The new, DVD-based installation contains all you need to install Medisoft v16 Client Server and Medisoft Clinical*all on one disc. Using the new type of media reduces the amount of application discs since Medisoft v16 and Medisoft Clinical are on the same disc and reduces the installation time and your involvement by deploying greater automation in the setup of Medisoft Clinical.

Streamlined Security for Medisoft Reports

Medisoft Reports and Medisoft Reports Professional now use the standard Medisoft software security model. You do not need to create or maintain users specific to the reports feature only (Medisoft Reports user); the application uses your existing or newly created Medisoft users instead. You can now assign and limit access to the Medisoft reports engine and specific reports (Advanced and Network Professional) using

the new Medisoft Reports Permissions window (click File and select Reports Permission) based on user level. For more information, see the topic Medisoft Reports Permissions Window.