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HappyIcon 3.02.1
HappyIcon 3.02.1

HappyIcon turns large images and photos into perfectly proportioned icon, XP profile icons and cursors with a minimum of fuss. Just select a graphic in .bmp, .cam, gif, .j6i, .jng, .jpg, .pcd, .pcx, .pic, .png, .psd, sj1, .tga, or .tif format or else scan a photo.

Then check off the size(s) and color depth(s) of icon/cursor you wish to create. That's right, HappyIcon supports multiresource .ico files. Press a button, and in just moments you'll have a great-looking miniaturized version of your original image. Creating icons won't get much easier than this!

Very easy to use: select an image or a video then click convert.

HappyIcon is a software to create icons, cursors, animated cursors and users profiles images from photos, images, videos, animations (avi, mpeg, asf, gif...), scanners or screens captures.

HappyIcon uses advanced resampling filters, allowing you to create perfect icons from small or large images. With its user friendly interface the application is extremely easy to handle.