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Orchestral Keyboard Instruments
Orchestral Keyboard Instruments

Orchestral Keyboard Instruments KONTAKT 4 | 1.86GB

KONTAKT 4 contains a rich and diverse sound library. Seven stunning Instrument Collections are included: Choir, Orchestral, World, Vintage, Band, Synth and Urban Beats * containing 43 GB of professional quality samples and over 1,000 instruments. Each and every sound is instantly accessible via the attribute-based browser. Every instrument in KONTAKT 4 features extended Performance Views with controls that group together all the important parameters for a super-fast and efficient workflow.

NOTE:Contains only the Keyboard instruments included in the orchestral part of the library of Kontakt 4 compressed in NCW

August Foerster Grand Piano

Concert Grand Piano


Organ - Fonds + Quint

Organ - Pos Scharff

Organ - Voix Humaine 8'

Organ KH Floeten 1 (manual)

Organ KH Floeten 1 (pedal)

Organ KH GrPrplenum (manual)

Organ KH GRprplenum (pedal)

The instruments can be loaded without Adding the library in Kontakt