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Nufsoft Nature Illusion Studio Pro
Nufsoft Nature Illusion Studio Pro

Nature Illusion Studio -

will help you turn ordinary snapshots into beautiful animated scenes. With the combination of both visual and sound effects, and then convert the result to the screen saver executable file, an animated picture or video file. Download your favorite photo of the landscape, highlight with masks areas that need to be recovered (eg surface water body, stream, waterfall, etc.), add sound (sound of the surf, singing of birds, murmur of the water), you can add falling snow or rain. Finally you can create your own professional-quality screensavers, do author animated GIF on your photo.

Realistic effects

All visual effects have been recreated with accurate: the waves on the water or subtle movements of the air look and behave very natural and realistic, as well as in everyday life.

Share with others

You can share your creations with your friends and acquaintances. For example, you can create a screensaver, as a gift for a friend or loved one. Or, you can publish it on your site, download it for free, or send by mail to friends and colleagues.

Great result

The end result is a superbly lifelike and atmospheric life of creation, which can be saved as a screensaver, executable file (. Exe), an AVI or GIF-format, which you can share with other people.

Features: * Apply up to 6 water effects to a single image

* Add Animated Objects. Image formats Gif

* Add weather effects - rain and snow

* Add sound effects such as birds, water sounds, cricket, etc.

* A library of water presets for various effects, including Waterfall, Lake, River, Fire, Fog, etc.

* Review results in real time

* Save your creation as a screensaver, executable file (. Exe), Gif or Avi file format

What's New in version 3.60


- Build AVI now supports sound effects.