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Xilisoft DVD to iPhone Converter

Xilisoft DVD to iPhone Converter transforms your DVD movie collection to fit into your iPhone. Convert DVD movies compatible with iPhone (MP4) and even rip audio from DVD into MP3, AAC, M4A format. Now, you can watch your digital favorites at your fingertips!

Customize your conversion such as split output file size, or rip a certain segment from DVD or audio. Convert within minutes so you can watch and listen to your favorite tracks on your iPhone on-the-go!

* Rip and convert DVD to iPhone video (MPEG-4/MP4)

* Rip and convert DVD to iPhone audio (MP3, WAV, M4A)

Convert DVD to iPhone Format

Enjoying DVD movies and music on iPhone has never been so easy

DVD to iPhone converter

* Convert DVD to iPhone Video

Convert DVD videos and movies into iPhone format (MPEG-4, MP4) so you can watch DVD movies on your iPhone or iPod touch anywhere you are.

* Convert DVD to iPhone Audio

Convert extracted DVD audio files to iPhone format (MP3 and WAV).

* Get DVD Info

Retrieve DVD information from the Internet like film name, actors/actresses, title name, chapter name to enrich your multimedia library.

Numerous Adjustable Settings

Customizing your DVD to iPhone output has never been so flexible

DVD iPhone converter

* Clone Files for Several Outputs

Clone several files from one source and set different properties and preferences for each cloned file.

* Process Several Files from One Source

Set several different output formats from one source file and convert simultaneously.

* Customize File Size

With the built-in bit rate calculator, compute the output file size first before converting to avoid mistakes and errors.

* Personalize Your DVD Rip

Adjustable parameters are at hand: set start and end time to a certain segment you want to convert; split file in preferred file size; edit existing profile format and save as your own profile.

Multiple Files Conversion

Converting DVD to iPhone video has never been so fast and handy

iPhone converter

* Multithreading and Batch Process

Load several files and convert in batches to save time and work. Multithreading means faster conversion speed.

* Run in Background

Run the program in background without slowing your computer down or causing conflict with other programs.

* Update Automatically

Software updates itself of latest version on the internet.

* Set Actions

Set action: hibernate, exit, shut down or stand by after a conversion is done to avoid waiting and wasting time.