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SlimCleaner 1.6
SLIMCLEANER - A set of tools to clean and optimize your
Windows-systems. One of the features offered by the creators of the
product is support for user ratings, which guarantee quick and
accurate assessment of any widespread application. One of the main
functions SlimCleaner is to clean up the file system from debris.
Application takes care of temporary files Windows, a list of recently
opened documents, and other not too necessary facilities, and will
purge the folder used Windows-based applications to store their own
logs history. The list of supported software includes popular media
players, office applications, browsers and antivirus software.
With the proposed tool, users can achieve maximum performance of the
system. SlimCleaner allows you to analyze the contents of the Startup
menu, and interact with the active services. The package also includes
a utility for uninstalling applications and shredder for secure
destruction of files.
Against each object in the Startup menu, and each installed program
is color indicator provides insight about the value and safety of a
particular application. Each application can be assigned to one of
three categories based on user ratings. Rating means that
this program is completely trustworthy. Applications marked with
are not critical and can be removed without serious
consequences. Finally, objects with a rating of are
malicious and potentially unwanted programs. Applications, invaluable
members of the community, receive the mark
Is worth mentioning the possibility of generating log Hijack Log, a
detailed list of all toolbars, browser "helper", ActiveX plug-ins and
other objects of secondary importance, installed in the system. Here
you'll also be able to appreciate the benefits of social ranking, and
easily distinguish good programs from the debris.