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Think Vitamin HTML5 Mobile Web Applications
HTML5 Mobile UI:
In this first Master Class in the HTML5 Mobile Web Application
we take a look at the final project, organize our development
and then begin work on the Mobile UI.
Introduction 4:21
Requirements: Part 1 5:40
Requirements: Part 2 6:15
Development Tools 4:31
Documentation 4:51
Setting up the Page 9:41
UI Components: Part 1 6:04
UI Components: Part 2 10:23
Forms: Part 1 7:24
Forms: Part 2 11:19
HTML5 Mobile javascript:
In this second Master Class in the series on HTML5 Mobile Web
we continue to build our HTML5 mobile note taking application and
learn how to
utilize Backbone.js to manage the data in our application.
Introduction to Backbone and Models 20:27
Creating the Form View 16:10
Backbone Collections 16:29
Creating List Views 27:19
Handling Data Updates 7:20
Creating Dynamic Pages 15:23
Sorting Collections 5:22