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Lingobit Localizer Enterprise 7.1.7102
LINGOBIT LOCALIZER - is a one-stop localization tool for MFC,. NET,
Delphi and Java based applications, that simplifies localization,
shortens time-to-market and saves money. It extracts localizable
resources from your application and makes it easy to translate, check
and preview translation. When translation is ready Localizer creates
localized version of your application. No source code changing is
required. Localization can be done in-house or delegated to another
company. In the latter case, translation tasks are distributed via
self-extracting localization kits with a project file (no source-code)
and a 'lite' edition of Localizer for translators. When you release
new version of your software, old translations are automatically
merged with resources from the next version and you'll only need to
translate new and changed content. Lingobit Localizer is a perfect
software localization tool that supports localization of several
development platforms allowing translator to change text, position and
other localizable parameters.
LINGOBIT LOCALIZER simplifies communication and workflow throughout
the entire localization process by offering users a unified interface
and productivity tools, such as Automated QA, Validation Expert,
Translation Memory, etc. Lingobit's project monitoring tools give a
localization manager the ability to see what is going on at each stage
of the localization process, which ensures accountability, gives
clarity and control to efficiently manage localization across several
- Automatic Validation
- Exchange Wizard
- Translation Re-use
- Pseudo Translate
- Vesion Control
- Translation Memory
- And more ...
- Supports all popular platforms and formats (Win32/MFC,. NET,
Delphi, Java, XML, Source Files)
- Reuse of translations
- Automated Quality Assurance
- Master of exchange, provides easy-to-soliton interaction between
the localization manager, translators and testers
- Visual editors and function of alignment elements in Win32/MFC,
Delphi and. NET
- Translation memory, to avoid unnecessary work on re-translation
- Pseudo-translation and master troubleshooting
- Command Line Interface
- Create multi-lingual, translated or resource DLL files
- The use of multiple languages one project
- Version control system that provides you a convenient interface
for viewing change history
-. NET 3.0 Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Localization
- Database Localization
-. NET WinForms editor for 3-rd party components
- Visual Preview for HTML, XML, text-based and picture files
- XPath filtering for XML
- Encoding settings for text-based formats