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Cakewalk SONAR X1 Producer X1b DVD Content Explained Tips and Tricks

DAW 2.0 has arrived

SONAR has been one of the most popular DAW? ?�? ??????????s on the

market for nearly a decade now. And we've learned a lot along the way.

But things have changed over the past ten years, so we felt it was

time to take our more than 20 years experience in creating music

software, combine it with cutting edge music creation tools, and wrap

it in a totally modern design.

Creating Music in SONAR X1

SONAR X1 is the digital audio workstation that offers one-of-a-kind

music creation tools to help you right from the start of the

production process. Whether you're searching for new ideas or looking

to add musical parts to existing songs, SONAR X1 can help you break

through those creative blocks.

Recording MIDI and Digital Audio

SONAR X1 provides the most comprehensive recording features of any

DAW on the market today. It's designed to meet the needs of even the

most demanding professional? ?�? ??????�??whether recording a solo

performance, a band, or even an orchestra.

Editing Audio and MIDI in SONAR X1

SONAR X1 offers precision editing tools you won't find in any other

DAW. Whether you're editing audio or MIDI, it's easy to make pinpoint

edits and fix issues you didn't think were possible.

Using MIDI Controllers and ACT

SONAR X1 gives you dynamic control of your instruments and work

flow. Use any MIDI controller to play virtual instruments. Plus

breakthroughs in SONAR like Active Controller Technology make it easy

to map the knobs and sliders on your keyboard or control surface


Mixing Music in SONAR X1

SONAR X1 offers the perfect mixing environment for any professional

engineer. SONAR's industry-first, end-to-end, 64-bit double precision

floating point mix engine allows you to mix with sonic clarity using a

suite of versatile effects, powerful mixing tools, and endless routing


Mastering Music in SONAR X1

SONAR X1 allows you to deliver the final polish to your tracks with

high-end effects that were designed specifically for the task of


Publishing Music with SONAR X1

SONAR X1 offers various options for collaborating with other studios

as well as delivering to virtually any format including CD, video,

surround, and even the web.

Note: Must Have The 1A Update Previously Installed Copy Patch to

Directory if needed