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Lynda com HTML5 Web Forms in Depth-QUASAR

In HTML5: Web Forms in Depth, author Joe Marini details the latest

enhancements for client-side forms found in HTML5. Using real-world

examples, the course showcases the capabilities of the

specification’s new attributes and form elements, such as displaying

default placeholder text, setting required fields, capturing email

addresses, and presenting calculation results within a form. The

course also demonstrates mobile device support for HTML5 forms and

shows how to modernize existing forms while maintaining backwards

compatibility for older browsers. Exercise files accompany the course.


  • Autofilling previously entered data with autocomplete
  • Constraining form field data with a regular expression
  • Using text-selection APIs
  • Building CSS styling for invalid, valid, and required fields
  • Creating a search field
  • Including a phone number input field
  • Formatting number fields
  • Building a date picker
  • Creating a list of suggested entries
  • Indicating measurements