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Automotive Mitchell OnDemand 5.8.4


  • CircuitSelect - Pinpoint and diagnose electrical problems faster

than ever with Mitchell 1 CircuitSelect. The power of CircuitSelect

allows you to highlight and isolate the wires important to your

diagnosis and also enables you to hide the wires you don't want to

see, giving you the ability to simplify even the most complex


  • Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) - Over 200 TSB's and recalls are

added to every month. Use the time-saving search

function to quickly find a relevant TSB or use the filter tool to

narrow your search.

  • Vintage Information - Every subscriber has access to vintage

information, giving you engine mechanical articles, engine performance

articles, and wiring diagrams back to 1960.

  • Oil Circuit Diagrams - Mitchell 1's full-color oil circuit

transmission diagrams provide consistency, clarity, and an

easy-to-read format.

  • Labor Times and Parts Pricing for 1974 - Current domestic and

imported vehicle models are included, giving service advisors a huge

vehicle selection to produce more estimates.

  • OEM Part Numbers - OEM part numbers are included with detailed

illustrations and manufacturer suggested retail prices (MSRP).

  • OEM Scheduled Maintenance Services - Presented in time and mileage

intervals, as well as services based on dashboard indicator lights.

For quick reference, the maintenance data includes fluid capacities

that are broken out separately.


  • Easy-to-Use - Just log-in to the home page and you

are ready to access your repair and estimating information. The

program requires no installation disc, no quarterly updates to

install, and no DVD's to manage.

  • Easy-to-Learn - The graphical user interface behaves in the same

manner as the existing DVD-based product, so the learning curve to

find information is minimized.

  • New Data Content - The Mitchell 1 editorial staff consistently

creates thousands of new pages on a daily basis. We add about 40G of

new articles and graphics every year.

  • Monthly Updates - Labor times, parts information, maintenance

schedules, and over 2,000 repair articles are loaded to the server

every month. This is a seamless update that requires no action by the


  • Reliability - has a proven dependability of 99.99%

availability over the past five years, and 95% speed improvement in