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Folder Marker Pro 3.2.0

FOLDER MARKER lets you mark your folders with color-coded and

image-coded icons with one mouse click, which makes them easy to find

and retrieve. Simply select the folder you want to mark, right-click

on its icon, select a color-coded icon from the drop-down menu and it

will be assigned to the folder at once.

Users can take advantage of great customization flexibility. You

can, for example, modify a right-click menu of a folder by adding new

menu items and categories and assigning icons to them. You also have

the ability to add new items to Folder Marker's icon set. Simply drop

an ICL file to the appropriate folder and a new tab with folders from

this file will appear. The user can choose to make folders, customized

with Folder Marker Home, distributable. This means a color-coded icon

remains unchanged even if the folder is copied onto a new computer or

the system has been re-installed. Also, you can apply a selected icon

to all sub-folders in a given folder.


  • Folder Marker Home can modify the 'Mark Folder' menu. You can have

your own menu with your own icons, specially made for your personal

needs. It is VERY convenient.

  • Folder Marker Home has two additional options for folder icon

changes: "Make customized folder distributable" (portable) and "Apply

selected icon to all subfolders"

  • Folder Marker Home can change a folder's color. For this purpose

you have 36 icons of normal, dark and light colors.

  • Folder Marker Home can mark folders by priority (high, normal,

low), by degree of work complete (done, half-done, planned), by work

status (approved, rejected, pending) and by the type of information

contained in a folder (work files, important files, temp files,

private files).

  • Folder Marker Home changes folder icons within a popup menu of the

folders. To mark a folder, you don't even need to run the program!

Moreover, the popup menu contains convenient category submenus.

  • Folder Marker Home contains a User Icons tab where you can add an

unlimited quantity of your favorite icons and mark folders with them.

It's easy!

  • Folder Marker Home can work with several folders at once and

supports 32-bits icons.