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Waves Studio Classic Collection AU VST VST3 RTAS TDM MAC OSX INTEL

109 MB

9 stellar processors and 22 component plug-ins.


Founded in 1969 in the UK, Solid State Logic currently has over

3,000 SSL systems in active use around the world. SSL╒s reputation

for hit-making sound is unsurpassed, having been used on number one

records by artists such as Sting, Whitney Houston, Blur, Phil Collins,

and hundreds of others.

Of all these consoles, the Solid State Logic SL4000 is perhaps the

most famous, having literally defined the music of the ╘80s and

beyond. The SL4000 was the first widely adopted board with Total

Recall automation. In 1981, the SSL4000 even received the Queen's

Award for Export Achievement.


In the 1970s, engineers knew that there was nothing quite like the

sound of the 1066, 1073, 1081, and 2254,╩heard on so many monster

hits of that celebrated era. Modules like the 1073 and the 1081 were

studio mainstays, and were considered indispensible tools for top 40

singles and those epic albums of the classic rock heyday.

Each especially suited for a particular recording, mixing, or

mastering task, these four units represented the state of the art╩in

their time, and engineers have sought to recreate that sound ever



From its beginnings in 1968, the API sound quickly became the

favorite of recording and broadcast engineers. There are currently

over 700 API consoles around the world, including the three major U.S.

television networks. Over thirty years later, many of these consoles

are still in daily use in some of the most prestigious recording and

broadcast facilities in the world.

The API 550A, 550B, and 560 equalizers are the go-to units for many

classic contemporary hits from artists as wide-ranging as Heart, Avril

LaVigne, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.