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amp; nfragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms 2011

NetAdvantage® for .NET is our comprehensive suite of Windows Forms,

WPF, ASP.NET, Silverlight, and now jQuery controls, components, and

tools for Line of Business applications on the .NET platform. If

you're a power developer who uses more than one .NET platform at a

time, and don't need our data visualization controls* for high-end

business intelligence solutions, then NetAdvantage for .NET is the

best package for you.

In this release we have included our NetAdvantage for jQuery to help

you "target the modern Web" with pure jQuery and ASP.NET MVC toolsets.

It is our solution for helping you develop applications based on

emerging HTML5 and CSS3 Web technologies. You will be able to create

awesome website experiences in browsers across platforms and on

devices backed by any server data endpoint—without the need for any

plug-ins or extensions. And it's exactly what you need if you're using

jQuery and javascript to build applications targeting Web browsers.

NetAdvantage for .NET has what you need to add awesome power and

performance to your Windows Forms applications, compelling user

experiences leveraging Windows Presentation Foundation, rich ASP.NET

AJAX controls to your website, and includes high performance

Silverlight controls for line of business development and now jQuery

and ASP.NET MVC toolsets. Volume releases throughout the year

continually add valuable new features and controls, so you will always

have the leading-edge tools on every .NET platform you need.