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SysTweak Regclean Pro

Fix your slow PC, eliminate registry errors and improve your PC

performance easily with Regclean Pro.

If you are experiencing the following problems, your PC�s registry

may be damaged:

Your PC is relatively new but its performance drags

You get random Blue screens (BSODs)

Your PC freezes frequently

Your PC crashes without any reason

You get common Windows errors

Programs open slowly and hang repeatedly

Registry is a critical part of Windows. Since the registry is in

constant use due to regular PC usage, it can get cluttered over time.

Installing and removing software regularly and even moving and

accessing data on the PC creates more and more registry entries,

thereby increasing its size and deteriorating the systems performance.

Regclean Pro cleans such invalid registry errors using its advanced

scan engine. It not only fixes invalid registry entries, it also

defragments the registry, keeping it streamlined for smoother system

performance. You don�t have to be a computer expert to use this

Regclean Pro. The interface makes it easy to fix all registry errors

easily and quickly even for novice users.

Registry cleaners should be used on a regular basis to remove

obsolete and invalid entries from the Windows registry. The advanced

scan engine of Regclean Pro detects and fixes invalid registry entries

automatically with a few simple clicks.

� Faster system speed

Cleaning invalid registry errors increases application response

times. This results in faster access to programs and applications.

� Smooth operation

An uncluttered registry enhances overall system performance and

results in an over smoother system performance.

� A more stable system

Regularly fixing registry errors minimizes random system crashes,

BSODs and frequent runtime errors. This provides a more stable

environment to work in.

� Fewer error messages

To prevent common Windows error messages, it is recommended to clean

the registry from time to time.

� Safe and reliable

Regclean Pro provides complete undo functionality. A full backup of

the registry is taken before fixing registry errors so changes can be

reversed, if required.